About Us




IST Asset Management Logo was set up to provide a new approach to servicing clients based on these 6 principles:



I... Independence and Integrity


Wealth Managers always claim to “put clients’ interests first”, yet somehow clients are still being sold products that they don’t need and charged fees and commissions that do not represent value for money.


IST Asset Management has been established to ensure true independence, with no conflict of interests, no need to sell products, and no need to generate commissions. This guarantees that clients’ interests really do come first and only such independence can be the basis of absolute integrity.


S... Simplicity and Sophistication


“ CLOs, Sub-prime mortgages, convexity, yield enhancement products, risk arbitrage…”the list of jargons is endless. How can an atmosphere of confidence be created when clients are faced with terms so specific that sound so complicated and just serve to confuse everyone?
The Investment Process needs to be sophisticated because it is comprised of many elements that can influence potential success and failure but it should not have to be complex or obscure.


T... Transparency and Trust


...Let’s talk Fees

Do you know how much you are being charged by your Bank/Adviser?
Do you know how much you could be charged without compromising the end result?
Do you know how many fees and commissions are hidden in any product?


…Let’s talk Products

Are you familiar with how a product works that is being marketed to you?
Do you really need that product to achieve your objectives?
Are any Currency Risks discussed?