Investment Strategy




An investment strategy should aim to achieve the objectives of the client without incurring unnecessary risks or unreasonable fees.



Both these elements significantly erode the potential long term returns of any investment.


IST Asset Management therefore has developed the following Investment Philosophy reflecting the principles of Simplicity and Sophistication:


1) An Asset Allocation that reflects the long term objectives of the client and provides enough flexibility to take advantage of short term opportunities.

A clear and transparent Portfolio consisting of selected investments based on research and convictions.


2) A preference where possible for direct investments into equities and bonds over actively managed Funds. This allows for the same kind of carefully balanced portfolios without the commissions and fees.


3) Avoidance of Structured Products unless there are fully transparent and fulfil a purpose that cannot be achieved otherwise. Structured Products are very profitable areas for those Banks creating them, and the profit margins directly impact the return for investors.


4) No need for overly complex products. They are rarely designed for the benefit of investors.


5) Emerging Markets are key to provide growth in any portfolio. The economic growth prospects of these markets bear no comparison to traditional developed markets and need to be a meaningful part of any investment portfolio. IST Asset Management has extensive access to research firms and Investment Banks specialising in these markets to allow the best possible selection of investment opportunities..


6) Currency Risks must be carefully considered.